Christmas Postcard 2010 (and potentially 2011)!

The 2010 Christmas Postcard! Considering I have about 400 copies left (Not exagerating) this will probably be my 2011 Postcard aswell. I may sell them in batches for people who'd like to use them aswell.

Characters and a Sketch!

Sketching and vectoring today!

Fun Colors!

Some fun characters from the sketchbook!

Some Baby Characters!

Some baby characters! Playing more with just shapes!

Hurray for Flowers!

Some florals I've been working on!

Dancing Squirrel!

Going for a simpler, younger style. Something about little critters dancing with baked goods makes me happy!

A couple more patterns!

A couples prints, going to go back and do more characters, play around a bit. Been keeping my sketchbook on me all the time now so I can catch silly ideas before they get away!